Welcome to the website of the Vance Family Association (VFA), the premier source for any and all information relating to the Vance surname. If you are a Vance or a Vance descendant, we hope you will consider joining us. We invite you to take advantage of the resources we have to offer and to contribute to our efforts to further the study of the genealogy and history of the Vance and variant surnames.

The VFA was established in 1984 by a group of dedicated American Vance descendants in partnership with the heir of the Vaus/Vans line of Barnbarroch, Scotland, from which at that time most Vances were thought to descend. The scope of the organization has since been expanded to include both earlier and later variants of the Scottish surname as well as German surnames such as Wentz and Wantz that were often Anglicized to Vance prior to the 19th century.  The linkage of these groups of Vances has been investigated using genealogical genetics, primarily using male Y-DNA.  Our DNA Advisor has been able to identify nine distinct groups of Vances from Y-DNA results submitted by more than 100 of our members.  He maintains the Vance Y-DNA Project website and we publish his articles in our newsletters.  We encourage and support Y-DNA testing to further our knowledge of the history of the Vance families.

We publish a quarterly newsletter, where we collect and share literary, historical, and genealogical records and relics relating to Vance lineages.  Every two years, we meet in different states to elect officers, conduct necessary business, and allow members to meet in person and visit historical sites together.  Summaries and photos from recent meetings are posted in the Archives Section under “Biennial Meetings.”

Visit our public Newsletter page for more information and a free downloadable copy of one of our newsletters and a surname index to all of our newsletters.  For current VFA members, we offer on-line viewing of all of our past newsletters.  As of February 2015, all 119 issues of the 1985-2014 newsletters have been posted.     Our collection of newsletters contain a wealth of genealogical information and family histories which are posted in the Archives section under “Historical Newsletters.”  A 2006 inventory of our book collection is available for viewing in the Archives section under “Book Titles.”  In 2015, we expect to post the title page, table of contents, and the index for V and W for each of our books.  A few book titles are available on-line now.  In 2014, we began posting copies of the contents of some of our historians’ research in the Archives section under “Historian’s Research.” This will continue through 2016.  A few examples are available on-line now.  We hope you will find these materials helpful in researching your Vance family history. Members can also make comments or post queries on our newsletter forum and our Y-DNA forum on this site.