Historians’ & Author’s Research

Posted here are documents, records, and letters acquired during the research of a particular family and/or preparation of an article for the VFA newsletter. These materials supplement what has been published in the newsletters. They were selected on the basis that they are not readily available in libraries or easily accessed on the Internet (e.g., without a fee). They are presented as “read-only” without the ability to print because it is not always clear whether something is or is not in the public domain.

Vance, Andrew J. b 1837 d 1909 MO m. Sarah Parkison RIN 1900

Vance, Arthur Sr. b 1700s PA & IN m Elizabeth RIN 17149

Vance, Charles bc 1700 d 1773 PA m. Sara RIN1389

Vance, Charles P. b 1828 d 1920 TX m Anastasia Hewlett RIN 17682

Vance, Cyrus Col. b 1807 d 1875 WV m Minerva DAVIS RIN 17151

Vance, David b __ dc 1832 TN m Annie E. RIN 2053

Vance, David Jr. b 1792 d 1844 NC m Mira Baird RIN 9381

Vance, David b 1745 d 1813 m Priscilla Brank RIN 88

Vance, David I b __ d __ IRE m Sara RIN 1241

Vance, David II b 1713-21 d 1768 VA m Sarah J. Colville RIN 2161