Historians’ & Author’s Research

Posted here are documents, records, and letters acquired during the research of a particular family and/or preparation of an article for the VFA newsletter. These materials supplement what has been published in the newsletters. They were selected on the basis that they are not readily available in libraries or easily accessed on the Internet (e.g., without a fee). They are presented as “read-only” without the ability to print because it is not always clear whether something is or is not in the public domain.

Vance, Elizabeth b 1808 d __ IN m Stephen Shelledy RIN 14424

Vance/Vause, Ephriam bc 1720 dc 1758 m Theodosia Heulings RIN 9327

Vance, Francis M b 1845 d 1923 TX m S. Eason & S. Railey RIN 346

Vance, George W bc 1828 d __ m Tempy __ RIN 23

Vance, George b 1822 d 1887 m Mary J Page RIN 10130

Vance, Hannah b 1726 d 1878 PA m Wm Patterson RIN 1394

Vance, Hannah bc 1723 d 1817 PA m Wm Crawford RIN2032

Vance, Handle (AKA Johan Diehl) bc 1728 da 1797 MS m Mary J Page RIN 10130

Vance, Hugh Sr. b 1785 d 1827 m Margaret Tedrick RIN 11167

Vance, Hugh Rev b 1735 d 1791 VA RIN 1387