DNA Project

The Vance Family Association is a close affiliate of the Vance Y-DNA Project, which is independently administered. The project administrator, Adam Bradford, has relied heavily on the research compiled by the VFA since the inception of the DNA project in 2005. Throughout the project’s history, he has been in close contact with past and present historians of the VFA, who have lent him their expertise and knowledge. Numerous VFA members are also participants in the project and notable discoveries arising from the project have been and will continue to be shared with members via the newsletter.

To learn more Vance Y-DNA Project, please visit the project website, http://www.vancegenealogy.com or email us at dna@vancefamilyassociation.org

The Vance Family Association offers a Vance DNA Forum for VFA members on the following page where you can comment on the Y-DNA test results and the genealogical history of the nine genetically-defined groups of Vances.  When submitting a comment or query, please first identify the genetic group of interest in the title to your post followed by the topic or persons of your query.   This allows our group administrators to better respond to your interests.  DNA questions of a general nature are also accepted.