Our Strategic Plan

When the Vance Family Association (VFA) began in 1984 we drew upon the collected research of our members to build a repository of knowledge about the origins and history of the Vance surname. Our purpose since then has always been to continue adding to that body of knowledge while assisting our members in their research.

As you can read in our By-Laws, the core purpose of the VFA is:

  1. To further research into the origins and history of Vance families.
  2. To collect and preserve literary, historical, and genealogical records, documents, and relics relating to history of the Vance families.
  3. To promote the use of genetic testing to determine historical origins of Vance families.
  4. To openly share the results of our research and findings on the history and origins of Vance families.

As we have fulfilled this mission over nearly the past forty years, both the needs of our members and the world of genealogy itself have changed. New advances like mass digitization of records and DNA testing for genealogy have changed how we research our ancestry. We have ourselves undergone several transformations as an association as these forces have shaped us and as we pass our legacy on to later generations of members and VFA officers and staff. Yet our core purpose remains.

Our Strategic Plan lays out both where we came from and where we are going. We have designed it purposefully to celebrate the repository of information that we are privileged to hold and to document our commitment to our purpose. It is a dynamic plan and we will continue to update it as the needs of our membership change, as genealogy itself continues to evolve, and as new opportunities present themselves.

Please click on the title below to see our strategic plan and where we are going in our journey as an association over the next few years. If you are not yet a member we hope you will consider being part of our journey by joining the VFA and letting us know how our purpose and direction can help you. We also invite all members who have an interest in helping us achieve our plan to contact us if you have the ability to volunteer with the VFA to help us in our mission.

VFA Strategic Plan

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