Book Titles – For Members

The VFA has acquired many books over the last 29 years. These are digital copies of some of our holdings that are available for members to browse.

We intend to donate many of the original books to the major genealogical libraries so that members may have more access to them. After the donations are made, we intend to indicate here where each book can be found. Some local libraries have borrowing privileges with the major libraries and might be able to acquire a particular book for you. We highly recommend that everyone visit the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana at least once in your lifetime. It is a world-class repository of genealogical information in a very beautiful and modern facility.

From Ocean to Ocean the Vance Family History and Genealogy by N J Wach

Handel Vance – Johann Diel Wentz – His Ancestry and Descendants by S.T & Emogene Riherd and M.V. Anderson

VFA Library Inventory

Book Inventory 2006