Historians’ & Author’s Research-Family History

Posted here are documents, records, and letters acquired during the research of a particular family and/or preparation of an article for the VFA newsletter. These materials supplement what has been published in the newsletters. They were selected on the basis that they are not readily available in libraries or easily accessed on the Internet (e.g., without a fee). They are presented as “read-only” without the ability to print because it is not always clear whether something is or is not in the public domain.

Maj. William Vance, Genealogy

Abner Vance bc 1755 – Correspondence

Abner Vance bc 1755 – Census Analyses

Abner Vance bc 1755 – Court Records

Abner Vance bc 1755 – Family History

Abner Vance bc 1755 – Genealogy

Adam Vance b 1781 – Court Records

Adam Vance b 1718 – Military

Adam Vance b 1718 – Family History

Adam Vance b 1781 – Genealogy