The VFA strives to be a reliable resource for sound genealogy as it relates to the Vance surname and a trusted authority when it comes to assessing the relationships found in any Vance lineage. In support of that effort, we are attempting to verify all Vance lineages with reliable evidence and we are starting with the lineages of our members. We request that all members submit a pedigree showing their Vance lineage along with the evidence to demonstrate the familial connections in their lineage. This information will be used to compile a comprehensive Vance Pedigree Database that may serve as a resource for our members only. We envision using the database to connect family members, provide fuel for new ideas and research, and to serve as a solid foundation for all those interested in learning more about their Vance family and how it is connected to others. Ultimately, everyone with an interest in Vance genealogy stands to benefit from this database, and members most of all. Members, please do your part and review your pedigree. Let us know any time you have new data or want to add more family members by sending updates to our Vance Pedigree Database Manager at

Filling Out Your Pedigree Please provide as many of the following key facts as you can about each of the ancestors in your Vance line: (any information you provide about living relatives or that you mark “confidential” will be held in the strictest confidence)

We offer two choices for submitting your pedigree:

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